Have You Tried a Night Cream With Retinol

Published: 19th December 2008
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Having a daily skin care routine is one of the primary things you should do every day either if you are a men or a women, people that dont take the basic care for their skin show premature signs of aging and are more prone to wrinkles due to free radicals.

There are creams that help to improve the skin health on different part of the body especially face, hands and chest. The face have various sensitive parts that needs special attention like the skin around the eyes, nose and mouth.

A night cream should be part of your daily skin care routine because it complements a day cream, when you are sleeping your skin can absorb the necessary nutrients easier because is relaxed.

A good night cream should contain several natural ingredients to encourage the production of collagen, anti oxidants, hyaluronic acid and new cells. This will keep your skin healthy and prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Retinol (Retinoic Acid) is allowed in over the counter beauty creams because is very effective. Retinol increases cell production in the upper layer of your skin, the cells look smoother and the skin becomes younger.

Retinol is also good for increasing collagen production, helps to reduce pigmentation from sun damage. However in over the counter creams the amount of retinoic acid is small so you wont be seeing dramatic results, unless you use prescription strength retinoic acid.

Downsides of Night Creams with Retinol

Some percentage of the population are sensitive to retinol and can cause the cells to peel off and the skin to appear dry, flaky and red. If over the counter night creams had more retinol people would get more negative reactions on their skin and would stop to buy the products, so its used in small percentage.

So you must be careful if you plan to use a cream with retinol, some people are very sensitive to even low quantities of it. The best option is to use only creams made of 100% natural ingredients.

If fact there are some breakthrough natural ingredients from New Zeland that can do wonders for your skin in day cream and night creams.

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